The Bastard’s Princess

27 05 2015

Once upon a time, there was a bastard on this valley. The bastard fell in love with a princess of a broken Kingdom.

In spite of their social gap, the princess and the bastard became fast friends. They spent their days with games, daisy chains and laughs.

But the princess was engaged. And the bastard knew all along. But his heart was already lost to the enchanted eyes of the princess.

Eventually the princess left the broken kingdom to be married and become Queen. And the bastard was left alone with his horse.

Even as a peasant. He got news about his now Queen. When she gave birth to a young strong heir and when her King died and she became regent

And every day, as he read her news, he wondered if his Queen gave him a thought or two from time to time.

While the Queen ruled and gave wealth and health to the people. The bastard became a hunter and a mercenary. Always locked under armor skin

So the bastard locked his heart. Gave himself no hope to see his Queen again and grew bitter and alone

And even as his mind said he wouldn’t be hopeful. His heart never gave in, and loved the Queen for years. Until the very moment news arrived… news of the end of her regency.

After all that time, she would be back to the broken kingdom

He rode, by hells he rode, by cursing every god and running down demons and doubts, he rode. Until he was once again standing in front of his princess

Beautiful, even more than the last time he saw her. They met and chat on the gardens. He met the prince and gasped at her tales of ruler

And he was in love again

The princess was now a grown beautiful woman he desired more than anything. So he left the palace sure to win her heart on the next visit

The Queen saw the bastard riding to the night. Delighted that she had spent an entire afternoon with her old friend; sharing tales of the past.

The little boy who had a crush on her hadn’t changed, still lovesick and cutesy. She smiled to the baby princess and turned back to the yard

And so, since this is supposed to be a short story and the author doesn’t want to keep sharing his tale. You may give the bastard the ending he deserves.





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